Airport Transfer - CONGRATULATIONS TO BORIS ' The New Mayor Of London Our heartiest best wishes go to Boris Johnson who just won the London Mayoral Race this weekend.

Patriotic Quotes to Honor Those We Remember on Memorial Day - Freedom has never come without a price, and that is what we remember each year on Memorial Day.

The Neurosis of Success - There is no reason you shouldn't create the psychopathology of success in yourself.

Jazzing Up Your Advocacy Efforts Lessons from New Orleans - The strategies you use to survive the New Orleans Jazz Festival are similar to the strategies you would use to survive an advocacy campaign.

Business Owner Freedom Fighter in one - If you served in the military, completed your commitment, decided to stay available by joining the National Guard and Reserves, and then find out that you have to go to a war and leave your own company, your family, and your employees, you are in deep trouble.

Famous John F Kennedy Quotes To Commemorate The Day of His Birth - Whether or not you believe that John F.

The Credit Crisis Is Fuelled By Fuel Prices - Much of the financial crisis in the world is caused by a lack of confidence between banks and financial institutions and their clients which are symptoms of the credit crunch not the root cause.

Gangs Cults In Disguise - The main thing that makes these gang/cults different from a religious cult is that the focus is not on God or the Leader but on the gang itself.

Misogyny Is A Psychiatric Illness - My Grandmother was 115 years of age today, and in honor of her years as a suffragette, I dedicate this article to her.

Patriotic Quotes to Celebrate Flag Day - I can't think of a better way to kick off a Flag Day celebration than with a few great patriotic quotes.

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