Poor Arab Haters

What to do? Where to go? No place to run; no place to hide. With Arabic being the fastest growing language, Islam being the fastest growing religion, and money flowing in by the barrel each and every second, 24/7, these once lonely, disrespected goat herders are running the bid up for politicians, bankers, and mad bombers so high the Christians can't afford to play. How sad. But the in-debt-up-to-their-ears working class doesn't have to worry, nothing is going to change for them with the possible exception of the name of the place they live. Politicians being who and what they are, London and New York might one day soon be named respectively, Laden City and Hussein City. That statue of Churchill might be pulled to the ground and one of Osama bin Laden put in its place.

The American Lincoln Memorial could be pushed into the Potomac River and a 150' statue of Saddam Hussein put in its place. No doubt about it, a few brave Arab haters will whine about these changes, but twenty or so lashes across their backside will put an end to the whining. The rest seeing this will walk in lockstep to the new Islam version of Amazing Grace as they did the old Christian version.

Christian sheep have proven time and time again that they don't care who herds them, just so long as someone does it.

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