The Homestead Revolution Part II

We are taught that the U.S. Constitution is the best ever devised by men so we ignore the many flaws that should have been corrected long ago.

One is the phrase "and to provide for the general welfare." After enumerating what powers Congress has, this phrase overrules everything. Anything the Congress should decide is good for the people becomes a legitimate government function. It makes government our ultimate caretaker and unlimits its own growth. One of the enumerated powers is to defend our national borders.

This has traditionally been left undone as a matter of policy which benefits the money lover appetites for cheap slaves. Yet we have war on poverty, war on drugs, government charities and all kinds of things the founders never envisioned as functions of national government under a general welfare clause.Why isn't citizenship a choice and a test? Why am I automatically a citizen by an accident of birth? If citizenship was a choice for legal adults to make, how many residents would choose it? How does my age qualify me to vote? If I know nothing about anything, I have the same power at the polls as those who know much, which if the polls are rigged as they easily can be, is no power at all. Why is that fair? I don't have to know a thing about law of any kind to sit on a jury and judge another. All I have to do is follow instructions that could be and often are unlawful.The greatest error in the Constitution is to allow government credit.

Credit allows all the power of revenue with no accountability for its use. It overrules wisdom and planning. It increases the power of central bureaucracy. The United States is insolvent. It cannot pay its debts next year, ten years from now or twenty.

All of this will collapse of its own weight like a stick house in a stiff wind. Are you ready? Do you care?.Incorporation and many aspects of government are privileges that no person has a right to bestow on any agency, because a person has no right to such privilege her/himself. Privilege creates obligation to the grantor and that is why government grants incorporation privileges to businesses. If government derives any power from the consent of the governed, the governed must possess this power to begin with. I have no power to limit your civil and social liabilities to your company, so you can keep your personal bank account in the event of a lawsuit or criminal proceedings.

So how can I grant this power to you or anyone else? I have no power to force you to fight a battle for me. If I join with others who do not have this power, we do not suddenly have this power among us, by the act of union. Multiply zero one hundred times and we still have zero. I cannot rightfully demand that you pay me taxes or render me any service whatsoever. Nor can I gain this power by uniting with others who also don't have it.

We pretend government has powers granted to it by us, we never had ourselves and never will. As long as most of us are willing to pretend government has derived powers from us, it all works. It just doesn't work very well for any but the wicked. To better understand the things I am saying, it is good to read the writings of John Locke, the philosopher who had such a profound influence on many of America's founding fathers.

Mr. Locke shows us the differences between natural law and social contract, moral foundation and moral fraud. The whole world owes him a great debt and few Americans have a clue who he was. It is much like when we ask a musician who her influences were. When she tells us, we have a much better understanding of her work. We hear some little about our founding fathers, but not about those who influenced them.

Therefore, we don't understand the founders as we should. Nor do judges who are supposed to interpret law by the intent of the lawmakers. In short, ignorance prevents justice and true social welfare. John Locke was a well reasoned expert on absolute morality, without preaching.

This is a subject that has most of the world confused, especially leadership. Locke paints a clear picture with the most reasoned and intelligent style I have ever read. No American should ever graduate from high school without a thorough dose of John Locke. He remains a brilliant light in a dark and fearful world. He certainly cleared up a lot of confusion about morality and government for me.

Once we see the moral high ground, no one can confuse us about duty and honor. No one can bend us to their will for their own wicked intentions. We see what was hidden and remains so for most.

We won't be fooled again.Even if you were my child, I cannot contract your services to anyone beyond your age of legal majority. When the founders of the great federal estate got the States to ratify, by fraud and deceit, they decided the government they all agreed to abide by. It had no power over their children or any descendants thereafter. A contract, which the Constitution is, binds no one but the contractors until they nullify it or die. Therefore, you are free to live as you choose and contract with whom you choose.

If you do not exercise this freedom carefully, you will be punished by those who claim rights and powers they never had and never will.To be free in America is to keep your ideas to yourself and keep a low profile. You are free until you come to the attention of the privileged.

You accept your punishment quietly and know that freedom does have a price. You do best to minimize the payments for yourself and others. For most, it seems good to be enslaved to the corporate, money lover world but encouraged to call this slavery freedom. Few choose to be free. Freedom is uncertainty and that scares people out of their wits. Slavery is certain and we all know the rules.

That brings us comfort and certainty, most of the time; until there is a crisis in confidence, which ends many a confidence game.The original idea of independence from Britain was the liberty of every American Englishman in particular. That idea died with the founders. Now we want equality of slavery. We think we want to be treated all alike. We want the rich slaves to share their money and power with the poor slaves and vote for those who help us believe we can make them share.

Freedom works by the law of supply and demand, just like everything in a free market, under the old world value system. Demand is down, the price is right. The book is now about 30 years old but I bought it in paperback a few years ago. It's called How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne. I cannot recommend it too highly. In the first part of the book, Harry tells us about all the traps we fall into, which rob us of freedom.

Most of us fall into several of them. In the last part of the book, he tells us how to get out of these traps. None of the work is hard on the road to freedom, it only requires a sincere desire to get free. Once you have the desire, the work is usually pleasant and sometimes great fun. Freedom is our birthright and most of us have sold it for peanut butter sandwiches, as Esau sold his for soup.

In a nutshell, if you are going to be free and you are going to weather all the coming storms in some semblance of comfort, you must end the dependencies that have been created for you, often before you were born. Independence, which means liberty, is another way of saying not dependent. It isn't a gift from government or grandpa. It is a choice you make every day, even if you are sure you never had a choice.You have been told choose this and you will be free. You did, but you don't feel free, you feel obligated to others.

You created some obligations and you accepted others handed to you. You were told some of these are your duty, others build character and you accepted them. Until you begin to see the possibilities independence suggests, you will never know what you have been missing and how your personal growth has been restricted.

Break out of the traps and dependencies. Plan your way out as you would a prison escape and you will likely succeed to survive a turbulent, uncertain future. Even prison offers only so much protection and security; ask someone who has been there.


Ed Howes sought and found, knocked and entered. Now he sees things differently. To see more of what he sees, please visit http://www.


By: Ed Howes

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