Abortion Legalized Child Sacrifice On The Altar Of Humanism - As if the abortion debate couldn't get any hotter, it most certainly will heat up a few more degrees with a well-respected author's posit that abortion be criminalized and, that it's supporters be sent to death row.

Panamanians Turn Date Of US Invasion Into Day Of Mourning - Panamanian legislators unanimously voted for the anniversary of the 1989 American Invasion of Panama to become a Day of National Mourning.

The AZ of Global Warming Amazon - This article is taken from The A-Z of Global Warming, a book on all issues relating to global warming and climate change written in unique A-Z format.

Alien Invasions from Secret Space - US intelligence agencies are accused of fabricating false UFO photographs as part of a wider alien disinformation campaign.

Good Guys Finish Last - the world should come to an end before the general election of 2012 which would render all of these considerations mut.

Needed Curious Leaders - Where are the curious leaders in our country today? Former CEOs Lee Iacocca and Jack Welch highlight the need for curiosity in todays world of politics and business.

Grassroots and the Elections - Ideas for utilizing grassroots networks in election campaigns.

How The Power Of The People Can Affect World Peace - It seems that many people are convinced that the rich and powerful have enough money to run our country.

Extendable Term Limits - There is a chronic problem with politics.

Witness to History again - How many times in one's life does a person get to be a part of history in the making? I was fortunate to stumble into 2 history making events in one year.

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