Carbon Based Global Warming Is A Fraud The Ruse At The Muse Exposed

I recently took a trip to the London museum and look what I found. What you can see in the picture on the wall behind me is an illustration of how the average daily temperature of a given region of our planet has varied greatly over different time periods. Another one of many documented examples can be found in a reference to 11th century England during the reign of King Harold. It refers to a battle the King's soldiers had against an army of invading Norwegian soldiers. Because the weather was so hot (and this medieval period has been well-documented for high temperatures), the Norwegian soldiers lost the battle at Stamford Bridge, London, because they did not wear their armoury.

-They had decided it was too hot to wear. What I'm about to say isn't me being outspoken or self-opinionated. It is one of those 'Now Get This' statements. I'm talking about global warming and here is my statement: For those of you who don't know or are unaware, the current global warming situation is NOT carbon based.

Okay, the planet is warming. So is the rest of the solar system, because global warming is due to a change in the sun's solar activity. All the historical data is there to show how fluctuations in temperature on our planet have happened, regardless of CO2 production, because of the ebb and flow of the sun's solar activity cycles throughout the years. The polar ice caps on Mars are melting and Jupiter is also affected by a rise in temperature. 'Nobody producing greenhouses gases out there, well, as far as I know! For example, in the 1950's, the post World War 2 boom in production industry. According to the carbon based theory,this should have produced global warming, but it didn't because, like I've said, the current rising temperature of our planet is due to the sun's solar activity.

A great video that exposes the truth about global warming can be seen on Google, 'The Great Global Warming Swindle.' -An absolute must see. There are other good websites dedicated to real science showing how the carbon based global warming theory cannot be.

I recently read in a newspaper how one politician proposed a complicated way of imposing a levy for carbon consuming. The lunacy goes on and on,but I'm please to say it was rejected. The elite that rule this planet want you to believe in carbon based global warming so that they can introduce con schemes like 'carbon taxes' for transport in order to profiteer and control you. Don't be fooled by this ruse. I suggest you do your own research and I'm quite confident you will come to the same conclusion as me.

I, Paul Phillips am a health writer researcher. I graduated in 'Biological Sciences' which includes biochemistry, physiology and nutrition. I have worked in various related research and development labs. I am always willing to give advice and help people in my field. For more information please try the link: http://www.HealthNewsLive.net

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