Why So Corrupt - "Why So Corrupt?" raises questions about stealing Iraqi oil to fund local insurgencies.

Personal Automobiles and Global Warming Inescapably Bound - The fact is the simplest solution to stop global warming involves you making a major change in your relationship to your car.

SocialPolitical Sustainability The Human Element - This article delves into social-political aspects of the sustainability endeavor.

Learn How to Travel While Stopping Global Warming - Learn how the hospitality industry impacts global warming by encouraging people to burn fossil fuels and see what you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint during your vacations.

The Commercial Solar Electrical Power System At Spring Lake Inn Is Helping To Stop Global Warming - If you want an unique, pleasant, environmentally sound experience, visit the 1880 inn that is helping to stop global warming by completely converting to a photovoltaic solar power system.

Sacha Baron Cohen is Back with Bruno - Sacha Baron Cohen, known for his smash hit Borat, is back in action, with the character Bruno, running across glorious America once again.

Open Letter to Cable News Personalities - Opinion piece on the unfair and bias news reporting by CNN, MSNBC and Fox News and how it could change the out come of the election.

Why I LOVE Tax Day A Perspective from the Advocacy World - This article offers five reasons why policy advocates should love tax day.

Spit Urine and Dung - On a cruise ship not long ago, a fellow passenger asked out of the blue, "How's that fence between the US and Mexico coming?" It was apparent this fellow was of Spanish decent.

Chinese Politics influences of the past feeling of dj vu - The actual debate concerning the political system in China raises many inquiries, remarks, critics, and observations.

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