Sacha Baron Cohen is Back with Bruno

After the success of Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat film, he has decided to take another character from Da Ali G show, on a tour of America. This character is Bruno, a gay television reporter from an Austrian television station. Bruno primarily does interviews with different groups of people to trap them in illogical contradictions, or just to make them look totally silly and hypocritical, for the entertainment of his audience.

Bruno, like Borat, has many catchy phrases that he likes to repeat, however, most of them are profanities, and they can not be mentioned in this article. Some of his tamer jargon, includes Ich Don't Fink so(I don't think so) Ach Ja(Oh Yes), and Nicht Nicht(No No). Any one of these could be as popular as Hi Five or Wa Wa Wee Wha, by the time next Christmas rolls around. Unlike Borat, Bruno prefers a more casual attire; no drab grey suits this time around, only trendy European outfits(lots of chest hair revealing tops included). Bruno's interviewing style is similar to Borat's, in that he approaches his guests without them knowing his true intentions.

So, the interviews start normal enough, but then gradually the conversation shifts to trap the interviewees in contradiction or just throw them into awkward situations . Sometimes there is no real direct confrontation, just Baron Cohen mocking events, or beliefs, that he feels may create socially damaging ideologies. Borat seemed to explore misogyny and patriotism, while Bruno's area of interest is homosexuality, as the title of this movie indicates.

Just like the Borat movie, this film has an equally long title: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt. A bit long, but it is an important part of what is now making Cohen movies so unique. Cohen's brand of comedy requires that the public not know who he is. Just as the show Punked needs anonymity to function properly, so too does Bruno and his interviews. There is some speculation that Cohen may have quite a difficult time shooting new material, because of his new found fame after the success of the Borat movie. However, with three hundred million people in America, you can be sure there is someone that still hasn't heard of, or seen, Baron Cohen's mug.

Even if they have, Bruno's mohawk is a far cry from Borat's shaggy hair style, and one could easily not recognize Cohen as Bruno. Filming for the new movie has been extremely secretive, as can be expected, and sightings of Bruno across the country have become a fun Internet hobby. Recently, Bruno reports have been coming from Kansas, where Bruno has appeared on airport security footage in some crazy outfits doing some wild dances. Additionally, Bruno appeared to gain access to a children's Easter performance at a church in Kansas. Classic.

It seems that Bruno may have even fooled Ben Affleck in a recent interview. Ben reportedly talked to his friend Sarah Silverman, telling her that he had just finished an extremely strange interview with some very disturbing questions. Silverman apparently thought of Bruno after hearing the story.

If the reports are true, Cohen fans all over the world will be pleased to know that Cohen has struck gold once again.

Have some fun, and check out this great Bruno site, where you can follow the build up to the Bruno movie and watch some hilarious Bruno videos from the past .

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