The Gun Lobby is a Role Model - If you are sick and tired of foolish lawsuits, the gun lobby, Pentagon, and the National Rifle Association, have finally demonstrated how to stop them in their tracks.

The Vietnam War What Role Did Outside Countries Play - The Soviet Union was responsible for supplying North Vietnam with military apparatus ? in the form of tanks, helicopters, planes, arms and artillery.

Understanding DWI - A general explanation of what defines DWI and Blood Alcohol Level.

An Overview of The Iraq War - The controversial war in Iraq started with the US-led invasion in March 2003.

NonProfit Organization Collects Ink Cartridges for Soldiers - The goal of the contest is to collect as many empty printer ink cartridges.

An Overview Of The Vietnam War - The Vietnam war ? also known as the American War in Vietnam, Indochina War and the Vietnam Conflict ? took place from the year 1959 all the way through to 1975.

Special Operations Units of the World - The term, ?Special Operation Units? is used to refer to highly specialized and extensively trained military operation units who are known to perform highly volatile military operations.

US Navy SEALs Myths Legends and Truths - Formally founded in the 1960?s with their origins dating back to the bombing of Pearl Harbor in the early 40?s, the Navy SEALs (an abbreviation of ?Sea, Air, and Land?) is truly an enigmatic group.

The US Marine Corps A Brief History Of The Marines - The original incarnation of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) was born in 1775 during the Continental Congress in a resolution sponsored by John Adams.

Space Shuttle Good To Go After Fourth of July Holiday - It is good to see that we are launching our Space Shuttle again.

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