Robert F Kennedy Jrs Appalling Remarks While Thousands Suffer

I knew it wouldn't take long to turn the worst disaster in U.S. history into political ambulance chasing.

I didn't think it would happen less than 24 hours after the carnage of Hurricane Katrina. It actually seems that Bobby Jr. is giddy about it. The timing of it has to make one wonder.

His vulgar article is titled: "For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind". I must warn you before you read the article however that his writing is excruciatingly boring. Think Al Gore on valium.

He's a tough read. Not Blog Chow by any stretch of the imagination. I can't help when considering the family history, whether remarks like this are the result of a pickled brain or one fried from wacky tobacky.

There are a couple of sentences that show what the left wing has become. He basically says that it's Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour's fault for the hurricane because he said regulating CO2 was eco-extremism. Talk about a cheap shot at a time when all people should be working together.

It's sad to see.Make no mistake about it, you are going to see a lot of political opportunism in the days ahead off of the human suffering. There will be a steady increase of insinuations that President Bush is to blame for the agony caused by this hurricane, despite the fact that he declared a state of emergency and started the wheels in motion the day before the hurricane even hit. Everyone had advance notice that this was likely to devastate New Orleans. Citizens were told to leave even if they had no place to go. In fact it was a mandatory evacuation.

Many thousands did not heed the warnings. Yet some people are so quick to place blame when the worst happens. Like the looters and thugs, it shows the worst of humanity. Thankfully, it has brought out the best as well. My heart breaks for these poor people. It's horrible what is happening.

It's just wrong to play on people's emotions and play monday morning quarterback with what will be the greatest rescue and humanitarian effort in history. To blame someone for a hurricane is simply insanity. The media will stoke the blame game fire.

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By: Gene Labarge

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