What Happened To Our Democracy

Dwight Eisenhower warned against the United States becoming predominately dependent on military power as a means for its security. The biggest change in American democratic history came about as a result of World War II and the introduction of the nuclear bomb. From the mid 40's to the early 50's two different directions became available for our government to choose from.

One direction was for our government to embrace the principles of the newly formed United Nations, which was originally handed all the tools necessary to civilize this world through a system of International Law and Order based on the establishment of an International Bill of Human Rights. After the devastation of World War II the world came to realize future wars using nuclear weapons could destroy this world and a new system for providing a more peaceful and civilized existence in this world was needed, thus the United Nations was formed. The other direction governments could take was to pursue military expansionism with nuclear weapons to ensure their defense. Once one single country pursued this path others were forced to follow and the overall purpose of the United Nations was nullified. Today the American people have become oppressed slaves to their military power and have been forced to give up their democratic rights and freedoms for their security.

Ben Franklin stated, once you give up your liberty and democratic rights for your security, you deserve neither. The cost the American people have had to pay for their military power is being a constant target always having to defend itself from those who wish not to be militarily dominated by the U.S. government.

The American people and their democracy has been oppressed and dominated by fear as a result of their military power and expansionism. The United States government is now the most barbaric, brutal, and uncivilized country in the world and has been responsible for more deaths (approximately seven million people killed) then any other country since the mid 1950's. The strange thing is the American people act shocked when someone attacks their country (911, the USS Cole, etc) and can't understand why. We have been conditioned to believe a strong military is the best way to defend our country, but when that military power jeopardizes our security and safety because our leaders are abusing it for purposes other then to defend our country, we should not be surprised. Being civilized and living in Peace is the sacrifice we have made for military power.

They say when you live by the sword you die by the sword and we now live totally by the sword. There was a time when it was patriotic to defend our country and democratic way of life, which was back when our democracy was one that was by the people, for the people, and of the people. Today, our government is corporate controlled, which means we have sacrificed our democratic rights, freedoms, security, and safety to defend a government, which is by the corporations, for the corporations, and of the corporations. This was not part of the original deal when our democracy was formed.

Nowhere in our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or Bill of Rights does it mention the American people must yield their democracy to the corporate powers. The reason our democracy was formed was to be self- governing and get away from totalitarian rule. The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states clearly the obligation to preserve our democracy rest squarely with the American people, yet the American people are so oblivious to their democratic responsibilities they have allowed their democracy to fail. A democracy is only as strong as the people who participate in it.

Thomas Jefferson stated; this democracy would only last about two hundred and fifty years before the people must decide to rebuild it or let it revert back to totalitarian rule. We have been at it for two hundred and thirty four years now, with sixteen years left to decide. If the American people are satisfied with being oppressed by fear as a result of our their military power, which is controlled by a corporate run government then they should do nothing, but they should understand it was they who failed their democracy and they have no one to blame but themselves.

The group at the We Want World Peace Organization have an actual plan for World Peace. It's simple, replace war with a system of international law and order based on human rights not just the rights of other governments like the United Nations currently supports.To learn more about this plan go to the We Want World Peace Organization

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