I Do Not Consider Myself a Liberal I am a Moderate Democrat

Many Democrats hate the word Liberal. In fact if you call them a liberal they will immediately say; I am a Moderate Democrat. Recently a gentleman attempting to defend his very skewed liberal views to me even went out of his way to tell me he was not a Liberal at all, but rather a Moderate Democrat.

But you see almost all liberals say they are moderates. They actually believe that crap. I cannot imagine how? I think all liberals ought to start their own businesses run them for three years. Have them run a bed and breakfast and deal with all the garbage, rules and regulations that they have caused in their haste to make everything equal and fair, so they can see in the end the resultant of their quest. I find liberals when I talk with them, eventually get to the point that they say; "I am so sorry, I never knew that, I have never run a business" but little consequence after their lifetime of pushing America's greatest asset to the brink.

Those who say that they are moderates are "Dangerous" because they really believe what they are saying is the reality, it is no more a reality than the current created reality we all live in today in the US because of the unintended consequences that is the cause-ultant of their party and its demands on our government. The person who spit in the face of Lance Armstrong at the Tour de France; he said he was a moderate too. Well then, may I judge you then by the company you keep dear sir. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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