The Only Real Evil is Government Bureaucracy - What is evil? It is hard to define yet people certainly know it when they see it.

Enemies Among Us - Robert Davis made a mistake.

For they know not what they do Federal Regulators destroying business - Federal Regulations on Business Destroy America, these regulations are a tax passed onto the every American.

Bio Fuel and Bio Diesel - Grow our own fuel is the battle cry of the move to bio fuels and bio diesel.

About Spain Immigration and the Satellite Dish - You can?t judge a book by its cover.

Time to Take the Propaganda out of the Environment Debate - Well, the debate still rages on.

Decriminalization and Legalization of Drugs in America - The drug problem in America is something that is quite serious and yet we do not address the real issues.

A Line In The Sand - Recently, someone told me that smoking cigars was a "disgusting" habit.

Abatement of Cactus in Border Security - It is estimated by President Vincent Fox that even if the United States puts up border that are not penetrate-able in any way that there will still be over 500,000 illegal aliens coming to America each year.

Ultimate Sacrifice - I was listening to the benediction followig the recent presidential inaugural ceremonies and heard about the fallen soldiers who had made the ultimate sacrifice.

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