Decriminalization and Legalization of Drugs in America

The drug problem in America is something that is quite serious and yet we do not address the real issues. There is no easy fix and we have gone too long and come to far to turn back now. Some say we should work towards the Decriminalization and Legalization of Drugs in America, yet to do so could be even worse and create a whole new population of users. Recently this subject was brought up in an online think tank and it was quickly realized the severity of the problem.

The supply and demand issues with decriminalization and the cost changes do appear to have free-market forces, which would act upon them rather immediately. Less cost means no one will steal from another to get a hold of the substance, then less crime. But less cost means more users too, because it is cheap and inexpensive to get that "alternate cognitive state" or high you suggest. One think tanker stated:."We need to stop demonizing everyone involved in these cultures, get off our high horses and start accepting the fact that not everyone wants to live in the same constant frame of mind every waking hour of every single day or the same manner we may be accustomed to.

".Another think tanker immediately countered: "Hey wait a minute, should we also stop demonizing people who feel like they might like to have sex with another woman besides their wife and tell them to go experiment? Pursuit of happiness is wonderful but not when it harms another, a family or society. If we have drugged out executives, politicians, police, pilots, bus drivers and first responders, well then I think I am starting to not like your idea so much.

".We know recently the FBI said it was going to start hiring people who admitted to smoking pot. Some say it makes them a real person, others say well the President of the United States did drugs but didn't inhale, yet if they are enforcing the laws preventing what they do on their personal time it seems problematic. So if we are going to do that perhaps we ought to decriminalize it too?.There seems to be no easy solution to this problem and Americans, many of them will not consider the legalization of drugs to the degree many users might like to see. In fact there seems to be a huge divide over the issues of legalizing drugs in America.

So these are certainly issues that we will need to have a national discussion on. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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