The Rational For Establishing World Peace

We can logically assume that World Peace is something that 99.9% of the 6.5 billion People in this world would want and support if there was a way to achieve that World Peace that was practical, logical, morally right, non-violent and serves the good of All People and their governmental structures equally. Achieving World Peace would be nothing more then civilizing this world by establishing a system of international law and order.

Lets face it; we cannot realistically expect to live in a peaceful world until it becomes a civilized world. A civilized world would be one that functions within a system of International Law and Order that provides guidelines for how all governmental structures and others including religions and corporate structures operate within that international system. A civilized world would be a world that holds the value of all human life up to the highest of standards and would have the means and legal authority to prosecute anyone that took a human life for any reason.

By no means does a civilized world create a perfect world, but living in a civilized world that is functioning within a system of international law and order would be more natural, peaceful, and humane way to exist for All People and their governments. Civilizing is something the human race has instinctively done since the beginning of time because The People have always understood that if they were going to live together there was going to have be some rules to live by. Today, all societies have functioning systems of law and order from the local, state, and federal levels and have systems of government to enforce the laws and maintain the civil order.

There would be no need for governmental structures if The People choose not to live in civilized systems. The big problem the world faces today is the fact that it has evolved to a multicultural globalized society that does not function in a totally civilized manner. To correct that problem, it is essential that a system of international or global law and order be established that sets the guidelines for how our governmental structures or other structures that operate on an international level function, therefore, the human race has one more civilizing job to do before it can be totally civilized and peaceful. The natural instinct to survive in a peaceful manner is the main reason humans have developed the theories of being civilized. What you are witnessing in the world today in regard to all of the dissention and anger by The People all over this world that is directed towards those who cause the wars, atrocities, death, destruction, and violence in this world is the natural human response to the uncivilized acts carried out by uncivilized governmental, religious, and corporate structures or individuals that threaten the natural human desire of All People to survive in a peaceful and civilized manner.

This worldwide outrage by The People will continue to grow until The People find a way to institute a system of international law and order that civilizes this world. This worldwide outrage that The People are feeling is a natural part of the normal evolutionary process, which is making The People all over this world become more and more aware that the present dysfunctional and unregulated system of global order does not work, and changes are needed. Copyright (c) 2007 We Want World Peace Organization all Global rights reserved.

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