Illegal Aliens are Starting to Act Out

Recently in a very controversial online political Blog and Forum an illegal alien or someone claiming to be an illegal alien stated; "Without us your nothing, because yall just want to boss everyone around and not work.".Indeed there are some folks who act too much like Romans, but if you look around at This Great Nation; The greatest Nation in the history of human civilizations. It far surpasses the Aztec Empire, with their human sacrifices and awesome but rather useless pyramids.

Indeed our civilization far surpasses the Great Empire of Spain at the height of their civilization.Indeed there is no near comparison in the last 10,000 years of recorded human history to indicate that any civilization before is as great as that of the United States of America. And guess what? Well, I'll tell you since my direct ancestors, some 11-family names came from the Mayflower; This great civilization did not build its self. I think that these comments totally miss the mark; in fact I personally have worked harder in my lifetime than any one in your entire family ancestry, so I would politely like to say; take your comments and shove them up your rear end.When this blogger comes off his high horse and wishes to discuss; Classes of Society, Work Ethic in America, Sense of entitlement, Corruption in Cuba, Mexico and other government where illegal aliens come from, I will be here to discuss that.

For an anti-American, illegal alien blogger to call me or my family lazy, they are clearly on drugs. I have worked 27-years, 17 hours a day with no days off. What have they done? Well they have posted a derogatory comment against all Americans in the middle of the day? If this individual is a hard worker, then why aren't they working now? And to that point, what on Earth makes an illegal alien think I cannot design a robot to do the menial labor they seem to be complaining of? I think the illegal aliens who are disrespectful and combative need to rethink their attack style comments on my ancestry, my people, American Citizenry and look around?.

So tell me Mr. Illegal Alien; do you think all this stuff, buildings, freeways, rail, airports, schools, dams, bridges, homes, sewer, power, on and on, built its self? No, that was built by "Legal" immigrants; So, let me ask you what have you done for this nation today? And why didn't you do for your own country, what you supposedly came here to do for this country? And if you really believe you are of value to this civilization, why are you complaining today instead of working? Can't you protest in the streets of your own home nation that way? Or are you afraid you might be shot, imprisoned, beaten or tortured? Please rethink your comments and come back with a more rational train of thought, because even Plato would not put up with this level of hokum.


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By: Lance Winslow

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