Challenge from a Right Wing Nut Job

Let's try something new shall we? I got this idea after spending a weekend with my wife's family. The Andersons are great group of folks who I enjoy spending time with, however, they are about as politically divided a family as I have ever seen. This is not just your standard "this is my view, this is your view lets have a drink and discuss it" type of family. Politics are a sport and are argued as vehemently as two teams fighting like the score is tied with 30 seconds to go in the championship game. Based on my wife's request, I try to stay out of the circle of engagement, but every now and then I am drawn into an argument. My party affiliation is no secret as I am a registered independent, but my viewpoints are anything but neutral.

I am, as my brother-in-law has labeled me, "a right-wing-nut-job". I am devoutly conservative with my ideals and hence am a target for the "left-wing-kooks". More times than not, I am challenged to defend the actions of my party affiliations or my ideologies. This has grown tiresome, as my arguments are often dismissed by the those who do not like to hear what I have say or are interrupted prior to my conclusions, so I am going to make an offer of unusual stature.

I do not believe the Republican party has the answer to every problem, nor do I always agree with they way they handle situations, however, I almost always find myself in disagreement with the Democrats and their ideology. Above all, I am searching for what I believe is best for AMERICA. I do not care about political affiliations, but I believe in upholding the ideals of our Founding Fathers and the integrity of the Red, White, and Blue. I do not believe I can effectively call myself a supporter of Americanism if I do not listen to both sides of the argument, likewise, I do not give much weight to an someone's opinion who does not let me finish a statement without interjecting, arguing, or being otherwise "closed-minded". So here is the golden opportunity the Left Wing has been waiting for. I agree to listen to your arguments and give you a chance to convince me that the liberal ideology of the Democratic Party is better for America.

Be prepared, because I will ask questions as to why along with a request for supporting data in most cases to ensure clarification. The beauty of doing this in writing is the simple fact that points can be made without allowing emotional interruption to occur. If I am convinced following the discussions that the Democratic Agenda is of betterment for the US, I will then support it. I will list the issues where I draw challenge and invite comment to help clarify my understanding.

At the end, you will have either convinced me to join you or solidly cemented my thoughts of conservatism. This is not an opportunity for you to tell me about what you do not like about the Republicans but to explain your own positions. Here are my points of contention with the Liberal Ideology. 1. Gun Control: How does the Democratic Party portray increased gun control as a benefit to me? As a gun dealer and a gun owner, I have seen the Democratic Party continue to demonize the legal gun owners of America with half-truths and doomsday projections (see Sarah Brady comments on the expiration of the 1994 AWB). How does this proclaimed goal of eliminating private ownership of firearms as well as the destruction of the 2nd Amendment advance society to the betterment of the United States? 2.

Taxes: How do higher taxes make things better on me? It appears to me as a taxpayer who works at one job and who runs his own business, that the Democratic Party is bent on taxing me at every turn. Here in Washington State, I am continually tapped for B&O taxes, Sales Taxes, Surcharge Taxes, use taxes, phone taxes, utility taxes, car taxes, registration taxes, gas taxes, death taxes, property taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes. It seems to me when it comes time to increase taxes, the democratic party is in the lead saying things like "This is only a few dollars a year for the average person"or "the death tax is way of repaying society for the good life you have lead"(Please see comments by Gov. Christine Gregoire), but when an opportunity arises to cut taxes there are screams of bloody-murder followed by news reports of government collapsing without this revenue.

I already work the first 112 days of the year just to pay my tax responsibility. How much more is needed and how does such a tax burden help advance society and America? 3. Same Sex marriage.

I am against same sex marriage. I do not believe it is a proper or natural behavior furthermore, after actually investigating the medical information on it, I do not believe it is a healthy lifestyle. According to the CDC in 2003, the homosexual lifestyle reduces the average participant lifespan by 25 years or more. I will not support legislation to govern what goes on in one's bedroom between consenting adults, but I am strongly against the government "endorsing" such behavior. From my perspective, I have seen the Political parties clearly divided. Republicans are against and Democrats are for.

How does the Democratic perspective benefit society and how does it benefit America? 4. The use of military force in Iraq. This is a major area for guys like me.

I believe in the strong use of military for the protection of the United States of America. I also believe the occupation of IRAQ was necessary for national security both in dethroning a violent dictator who has stood in violation of the UN and his own surrender agreement as well as removing a destablizing catalyst for the entire region. I believe Saddam Hussein was a major source on Middle East instability and by introducing freedom into Iraq, we will have unleashed the one weapon that has destroyed more dictators and oppressive empires through out history, the desire of the people for liberty. I believe Saddam had weapons of mass destruction (as proven by his use of gas on the Kurds) and I believe he would have used his considerable wealth and unlimited resources to obtain more for use against the United States. Assurances otherwise combined with a blatant disregard for UN mandate rang hollow. Furthermore, I believe the US acted within compliance of UN resolution 1447 (as well as 13 previous resolutions and the Iraqi surrender agreement) in occupying Iraq.

I believe failure to act upon these resolutions would have led to the complete discrediting of the United Nations as was proven by the League of Nations in its failure to hold Germany accountable to surrender agreement of WWI and prior to World War II. How does the Democratic ideal of allowing these types of criminals to remain in power benefit America, furthermore, how does subscribing to UN mandate without enforcing it benefit America? 5. The use of God? I am a Christian, however, I do not believe in forcing my religion upon anyone. I believe everyone is given freewill and am not willing to condemn anyone for exercising it, however, I believe in order to preserve the integrity of the United States and the Constitution, we must endorse the belief in a higher being. The constitution clearly states "God Given Rights". This is not an endorsement of government religion, but it is a statement which claims the law of man cannot take away such rights.

Everywhere I look, there seems to be a movement to remove any reference to God either in the pledge of allegiance, the schools, and even from the face of history. I have seen a swing against such religion from the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. How does removing references to God from our lives promote the betterment of America and how does the rewriting of history to exclude God better America? (i.e. please see the new definitions for B.

C. and A.D.

It is no longer Before Christ and After Death). 6. Abortion.

This is another loaded issue full of differences in opinions, which seems to split party lines very clearly. I do not support abortion, likewise, I am not in favor of more goverment control over daily lives and am willing to concede this as a right of the individual in cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is in danger. I am not supportive of abortion as a form of birth control, especially in the form of late term abortion. It seems the Democrats have continually fought against any kind of ban this practice. How does late term abortion benefit society and advance America? 7. What have Democrats done over the last 5 years that benefit America? Here is a sticking point with me.

It appears to me the Democrats have become the party of "NO!". I have not seen the introduction of an idea from the Democrats which has lead to tangible discussion of a solution to a problem. Since the dramatic loss of power and cohesion within the party, the liberal wing appears to have become more interested in obstructionist tactics rather than providing for legislative solutions.

From the filibustering of Judicial Nominees to the staunch dead-set-against-it mentality towards tax cuts to the gloom-and-doom projections about the expiration of the Assault Weapons Ban. The overall perception is not that of a party with progressive ideas for the betterment of our country, but of whiny children who donā??t want to participate if they can't get their way. From my perspective the Democrats have allowed their hatred for George W. Bush to become their defining characteristic and their intentions not to be on the betterment of America, but the destruction of a political figure. The Democratic party continues to gain only in numbers of lost seats as they further exclude more of the voting block with their obstructionist daddy-knows-best mentalities (please see 2004 national election map break down by COUNTY). How does this better America? This is not meant to be a slam, but rather a chance to address my viewpoints in a logical manner.

I welcome comments and look forward to hearing from different perspectives. I am providing this as an opportunity to convince me on fact that my perspective is wrong. I am being open-minded and am willing to listen.

If nothing else, perhaps we can learn a little more about each other's perspectives and concerns.

Kelsey Hilderbrand is an avid shooter, hunter, collector, outdoor writer, and founder of High Mountain Hunting Supply

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