Michigan Militia Increases Tactical Training for Elections

The Michigan Militia launches the 10-Week Project Contest in preparation for the 2008 elections. The group begins arrangements over concerns for public safety in the ten week period between the conclusion of the national elections and the proclamation of the president. The contest aims to get members and non-members involved in the preparation, training and planning for the potentially tumultuous time. The 10-Week Project Contest calls for essays that detail the exact strategy to be undertaken by concerned citizens in the event of turmoil during the ten weeks before the president is officially sworn in.

Preparations include the accumulation of food, first aid training, transportation and the preparation of gear. The essays required are persuasive in nature, asking contributors to delineate why they feel the need for these measures to be taken. The Michigan Militia is a long standing organization based in Michigan that is composed of several militia sub groups. The group has recently resurfaced and made its presence known on the internet by having its own MySpace page, YouTube account and Facebook profile. Most of these were put up and being managed by the subgroup called the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia. There are monthly tactical training courses given by the Michigan Militia.

Often these are held on the first Saturday of each month in Camp Stasa in Bancroft, Michigan. Members of the Michigan Militia train people in the handling of weapons, first aid and give them safety instructions. Most of the Michigan Militia's training focus on guns and weapons as well as combat training for different climates and terrain.

They have regular activities which are open to the public and announced on their website and their profiles on social networking sites. Some of their most notable activities include the Snow Dog Winter Training and Survival Weekend as well as the Militia Field Day. The Militia Field Day allows members and non-members to practice their target shooting using different caliber weapons. Children as young as 10 years old are taught to handle guns and practice target shooting.

Contests are also held wherein the participants have to practice accurate and speed shooting. The Michigan Militia prohibits the bringing of alcohol, illegal substances and weapons on the premises of any of their activities. The East Central Volunteers of Michigan and the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia facilitate most of their activities. Originally called the Michigan Militia Corps, the group was originally established in 1994 and has enjoyed a rise in membership after the September 11 attack on the World Trade Buildings.

Barbara Ross is a writer for Militia Net, Tactical Training and Tactical Calendar.

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