Can You Think Of Who Would Benefit From Establishing World Peace - It is impossible to mention all the benefits of establishing a peaceful and civilized world, but without a doubt The People will be the major benefactors and since they operate the governments, religions, and corporations those things will also benefit.

The Problems Within Ukrainia - A once proud and strong country The Ukraine is suffering, this is more the pity as the people of this country have much to offer and contribute to the world.

How much will you and your children pay - This is an article about the coming North American Union and educating the public by pointing them to information reagarding the economic union that is proposed for North America.

Geothermal Generated Electricity Is It a Viable Energy Option - Geothermal renewable energy is not as widely discussed as solar or wind energy for replacement of fossil fuels.

Lessons from JazzFest Five Strategies for Effective Advocacy - The New Orleans JazzFest and effective advocacy have more in common than you might think.

Can the USA Be Fossil Fuels Independent by - A discussion is presented that the USA must become fossil fuel independent by the year 2050.

Sustainable Development The Role of Coal - This article discusses the potential for and implications of coal gasification and coal-to-liquids alternative energy initiatives.

Alternatives to Torture part - Bad things happen to bad people, don't they say? If people get tortured, it must be their fault, right? Nobody is going to break your legs without a good reason.

YOU CAN YOU WILL Become Everything You Want Part - A 2 PART article which illustrates the importance of the development of Wisdom - may sound boring stuff - but not so I assure you.

On Politics News Writers Are Really Political Hacks Part - When reading Krauthammer, I am reminded that Henry Ford said "the hardest thing to do in the world is to think, and that is why people do so little of it.

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