Can You Think Of Who Would Benefit From Establishing World Peace

It is impossible to mention all the benefits of establishing a peaceful and civilized world, but without a doubt The People will be the major benefactors and since they operate the governments, religions, and corporations those things will also benefit. For their efforts in creating a civilized and peaceful world The People will receive an international level of legalized Human Rights and protections for those Human Rights that no government or others can ever take away. In a peaceful world there are no enemies, so there is no need live in fear of attack, which means our governments will have no justifications to build and maintain large and powerful military forces that are sometimes used to rule over or intimidate People.

In a peaceful world the governments will no longer be preoccupied with defending their country. Just imagine how many foreign relations problems that solves. Since there will be no need to be military super powers in a peaceful and civilized world the governments can shift to being economic, technical, and educational super powers that will provide services and resources for this whole world.

Those industries that were part of the military support systems would need to converted to industries that are backed and supported by our governments that research and build new systems for energy use, transportation, and future advancements that benefits all people. The major corporations and businesses would gain because World Peace would bring prosperity for All People by creating an economic boom in this world like we have never seen before. The demand for all products and services would open up all over this world mainly because when there is no longer any profit in war and the only place to invest is in areas that provide products and services for the people. Imagine how many countries need new or updated infrastructure systems, which includes the building of hospitals, schools, homes, highways, railways, airports, factories, farms, stores, restaurants, and all the support systems to keep these things functioning. All the major corporations are looking for new markets to do business in and now they would have the whole world open and available for their products. It is not hard to imagine that this economic boom lasting far into the future.

The religions will benefit by the simple fact that all people are free and have a right to worship as they choose. In a civilized world it would be required that the religions come together and adopt a doctrine of peace and respect between all religions based on the belief that there is only one God and religion is only a means to worship and serve that one God no matter how anyone views that one God. Finally, The American People will have an enormous burden lifted because they will no longer be the worlds police force expected to be involved in every conflict. In the peaceful and civilized world the responsibility for that job will be shared equally by all countries through equal participation in the Global Peace Organization. The price that has to be paid when one country is considered the world's police force is becoming the target for all the frustration and anger in this world because others would not get involved.

Turning the responsibility for being the world's police force over to an international agency will take the target off of the American People's back and place that responsibility on All People. It is not unreasonable to expect All People in this world to be partners and share the responsibility for living in a peaceful and civilized world. The benefits of living in a peaceful and civilized world for everyone far outweighs anything we have now. Copyright (c) 2007 We Want World Peace Organization all rights reserved.

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