Should We Build a Fence on the Border - Should the United States of American build a fence along the US-Mexican Border to prevent illegal immigrants, drug dealers, gang members and illegal aliens from sneaking in? Some say we should and some major politicians too.

Consumer Protection Division at FTC Misrepresents Fact on SPAM - Is it true that the United States of America Department of Justice Federal Trade Commissions Consumer Protection Divisions Anti-SPAM Group has misrepresented facts to the United States Congress again? How can an agency with such a long name be a l.

What To Do About The Illegal Immigrants We Cant Make Them Leave - All the articles and opinion pieces by famous and not so famous writers show that most of them are as conflicted as I am.

Unions Politics and the Border with Mexico - It has been said that politics make strange bed fellows and never before as strange as with the up coming mid term elections and the issues which will be on the table; namely the biggy of Illegal Immigration and the leaking border with the United.

I Do Not Consider Myself a Liberal I am a Moderate Democrat - Many Democrats hate the word Liberal.

Robert F Kennedy Jrs Appalling Remarks While Thousands Suffer - I knew it wouldn?t take long to turn the worst disaster in U.

Speak Loudly and Carry a Twig - Is it just me or did we drastically change our foreign policy in the past few decades? What happened to; Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick? You know it seems we are so worried not to hurt anyone?s feelings that we are afraid to swing that bat at.

Conspiracy Theorists Call for President Bush Administration Resignation - There is a group of online anti-Globalist, anti-US, anti-Free Enterprise and anti-elite family with European royal bloodlines; who want to remove the Bush Administration from power.

Democrat Information Websites Purport Misinformation - Did you know that many Democratic Websites purport misinformation? Few people realize this.

Relations With China - As far as I am concerened, the leaders of China are not now and never will be our friends or allies.

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