Lt Robert Bob Kerrey

An ever smiling face coupled with great courage even under distressing situations ? such is the personality of LT (jg) Robert "Bob" Kerrey. Having led numerous combat battles in the notorious Vietnam war, LT (jg) Robert "Bob" Kerrey has always been a guiding beacon of hope among all aspiring Navy SEALs. His strategic war plans It was mainly due to LT (jg) Robert "Bob" Kerrey's ingenuous plans during the Vietnam war that many of the combat battles were successfully won. In fact one of the most memorable was when he and his team members climbed a steep 350 foot cliff just to attack the enemy by surprise! As part of this Navy SEAL mission LT (jg) Robert "Bob" Kerrey and his team mates climbed the mountain to reach the ledge on which the enemy was situated.

Then he divided his team into 2 sections and while supervising them both, LT (jg) Robert "Bob" Kerrey descended downward into enemy territory. As soon as he and his team reached the foot of the mountain he and his teammates suffered heavy injuries due to severe firing from the enemy. The presence of mind LT (jg) Robert "Bob" Kerrey displayed tremendous amounts of both courage and presence of mind during this famous Navy SEALs operation. He not only directed his team mates to fire into the heart of the camp of the enemy he also used his radio to call in the second portion of the team for additional fire support. This confused the Vietnamese soldiers who didn't know which team to tackle first.

The immense courage LT (jg) Robert "Bob" Kerrey displayed his calm nature and collectedness in spite of having such severe injuries. His injuries prevented him from moving even an inch and in spite of such excruciating pain he was able to successfully and cool headedly guide his teams to secure as well as defend an extraction site. He was directing his men even when he was on the verge of becoming unconscious. He was eventually rescued by a helicopter after this most taxing Navy SEALs mission. However he lost a leg during this operation. The critical importance The reason why LT (jg) Robert "Bob" Kerrey is so revered in the history of the Vietnam war is because not only did he and his team mates wreak havoc on the Vietnamese enemy soldiers, but many of the captured soldiers provided valuable inputs and secret information to the allied effort.

LT (jg) Robert "Bob" Kerrey's unrelenting devotion to the nation's honor, his immense courage even under the most taxing situations and his heroic spirit is what inspires Navy SEALs even to this day. LT (jg) Robert "Bob" Kerrey has even become a US Senator for Nebraska State and currently he has retired from political life.

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