Abandoning Amtrak

Does it make sense to keep a transportation system like Amtrak which loses money each year and costs the taxpayer's millions of dollars? A transportation system, which is not only inefficient, but also unreliable and an international terrorist target to boot? Why would any government or civilization accept such a thing? Amtrak is a complete waste of the taxpayer's money, but since it is looked on a social services pet project we cannot get the liberal Senators to remove its burden.The only way Amtrak could become efficient is to turn it over to private enterprise once and for all. When the Canadians turned over part of their Government owned train system, which was similar to Amtrak model, it not only had better on time service, but it started making a profit too. Can you believe it? This should not surprise anyone, because no matter whose government we are talking about; government agencies can never do anything very well.

Is it fair to over charge the taxpayers for Amtrak and then deliver half-baked service to those who ride the train? Is it right to have a system which is an international terrorist magnet like that rolling down the tracks until a fateful day? Has anyone really looked at the Amtrak in a reasonable and rational way and if so, then why is no one listening to reality? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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