Debate on Legalizing Drugs Rages On - Most all heavy drug users and many former drug users are for the legalizing and decriminalizing of drugs in America.

The UN Springs into Action - The UN is a corrupt and inept bureaucracy with no oversight or accountability.

Abandoning Amtrak - Does it make sense to keep a transportation system like Amtrak which loses money each year and costs the taxpayer?s millions of dollars? A transportation system, which is not only inefficient, but also unreliable and an international terrorist tar.

Iran First Stop to Establish Democracy in the Middle East - In the past few weeks, many European and American officials have acknowledged that the path to a free Middle East passes through Tehran.

The North Korean Empire Leader May Now Come Back to the Negotiation Table - Some say that The Emperor of North Korea must be glad that the United States and her allies are concentrating now on the Iranian Nuclear Weapons and Atomic Bomb Research manufacturing rather than what North Korea is doing.

PC and Human Righteousness - While we talk about political correctness ad nauseam, we sometimes tend to overlook the perpetrators of this noxious activity.

The US Settles Accounts with Belarus - Black list.

Bloggers Supporting International Terrorists - There are a number of people out there who are cheering on Hamas, Iran and others in Blogs on the Internet.

Politics Is It Good At All - Politics- a word detested by most of the common people.

Is the Federal Government Michael Brown and FEMA to Be Blamed for Hurricane Katrina at New Orleans - We as Americans often get ahead of ourselves when doing the blame game when unfortunate potential eventualities become reality don?t we? Indeed we do and all to often we take the mass media?s opinion as our own without thinking thru all the issues.

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