Bite The Bullet

An old friend of the Tennessee Mountain Man who is now deceased once said when asked about taking opposing positions in the same court (different cases similar facts) in less than a month, "we be whoes. we know we be whoes". Then there was the old joke where a rich old timer met a doll at the bar and asked her if she would spend the night with him for a million dollars. She smiled sweetly and answered yes. After a few minutes he asked if she would stay the night for a half million dollars. She sipped her drink and said maybe.

A couple more drinks and he asked, "how about a $1,000.00"? Incensed she retorted, "what do you think I am, a whore?". To which he responded, "we have already answered that question. We are now negotiating the price.

" But, the political climate of the 2008 Presidential elections, take the cake! They remind me of an ex-wife (I'll let them ponder to which of the six I refer) and maybe Google. With the stock market on a wild swing from day to day and sometimes hour to hour, the price the jackasses and elephants are negotiating now is our children's and grandchildren's future. Rather than biting the bullet and letting the economy and the market shake out the chaff, both parties are busy bidding against each other in an effort to buy the presidency of the United States for the next four years. Remember this is not a shopping spree at Walmart. You can't easily return an elected official for a refund. There is nothing to refund if you could.

Unlike Walmart, the government has no money, it earns no money. When it purports to have money, it is my money. it is your money. When the government prints money it doesn't have, you and I and our children pick up the tab.

I am quiet sure if I went out for a fancy Friday night without inviting you but had the bill sent to you, you would pop a cork. Yet we sit quietly while those who are supposed to be representing all of us - spend wildly on some of us and send the rest of us the bill. Currently the United States debt has exceeded a whopping nine (9) trillion dollars and it is growing at about ten percent (10 %) a year before the outrageous bidding of professional politicians. You may well pay eighteen percent (18 %) and more on your credit cards and your house payments may have double or even tripled, but when was the last time you received ten percent (10 %) on your savings account? The politicians want to give you and me up to eight hundred dollars ($800.

00) per person and up to sixteen hundred dollars ($1,600.00) per couple. Where did they get that kind of money? Bill and Hillary were broke (in fact millions in debt) when they left the White House. George W.

Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Ted Kennedy combined certainly don't have that amount of money. Ah! But, our bankers the Chinese do. Borrowing one percent of America's GDP from China for a short term economic shot in the arm is simply not worth the cost. It is rather comparable to going to the doctor with a severe infectious STD and receiving a shot of antibiotics without a follow up protocol of say, a prescription for antibiotics to complete the treatment and give the recovery process a chance to succeed. While the Computer Man endorses no one for this single most important political position in the free world, it is worth noting that the non candidate, New York Mayor Michael R.

Bloomberg, has made the most sensible (not that politics can be sensible) suggestion so far. It may be somewhat reminiscent of the WPA of 1939, but instead of giving away money we don't have. if we have to borrow and spend, do something that really will help - maybe not today but over the long haul. One suggestion, if we are going back to our banker (China) use it to rebuild America's infrastructure. It is time for the democratic, republican, independent and all Americans regardless of political stripes to bite the bullet, stand up and say, stop it.

Stop the madness! Shout it from the house tops. Stop!!! Get rid of the professional tax and spend Miesters. Draft Mr Smith and send him to Washington. After balancing his small business and family bank accounts against all odds and in the face of every road block the Congress could throw at him, he knows how to make and live within a budget.

It must be done quickly to be successful. The power brokers in Washington have already decided the American people are only whores whose vote can be bought and sold and are now haggling over price and time. I suppose it is a better offer than when ward captains only passed out pints of moonshine.

But, you still have a choice until closing time. How much are you willing to sell your soul for? What price will you put on your children for the use and pleasure of the establishment?.

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