Investigation of Gas Prices on Big Oil

Can the United States of America citizens trust the Federal Trade Commission as they investigate possible price gouging at the gas pumps? Personally I've been studying the Federal Trade Commission since 1998 and I must be perfectly honest; the Federal Trade Commission is the biggest bunch of liars I have ever met and this is my sole opinion, but it is based on personal meetings, direct observation and actual documented experience. The Federal Trade Commission is a group of liars and are completely full of ship.The Federal Trade Commission has been known to coax complaintants and declarants into misrepresenting facts in order to win a case. Further, it has been proven that they will file these complaints in a secret court, while contacting the media and putting their spin and public relations into play. Is that really the type of agency we needed the United States of America? I don't think so.

As far as truth, justice and the American Way are concerned I personally do not believe you'll ever find that at the Justice Department's Federal Trade Commission and certainly not their Consumer Protection Division. It is been my experience that they lie. If we cannot trust our government's Justice Department, which the Federal Trade Commission is a part of; the little agency under the Justice Department then we cannot trust our government.The Federal Trade Commission's budget should be cut by 50% this year and then halved again the year after. All employees should be laid off and be disgorged of their retirements, chipped with RFID Satellite Tags and forbidden to go into private practice for 10-years.

I applaud President Bush and the administration for looking into the matter of possible price gouging because I believe that someone needs to curtail the mass media hysteria, which is pointing fingers at the oil companies for participating in the free market system and delivering to our nation our overwhelming desire for gasoline. Perhaps it is good to use the Federal Trade Commission because in my opinion they suck. But even a worthless agency like the FTC [personal opinion-free speech] will obviously figure out the truth about supply and demand and free market business practices.And really all this investigation is BS anyway and the resultant of the Ayn Rand affect; where the over incited mob of our population simply wants to complain. You see, no one is entitled to Low prices and somehow our population has turned socialists and believe they are owed something and entitled.

Of course it has been my experience of the Federal Trade Commission that they are a bunch of liberal socialists scum. That is my opinion on the matter and I know damn good and well when talking about. [I claim free speech so Deal With It!] Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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