Abatement and Progressive Cleaning Programs

After Natural Disasters, industrial accidents or International Terrorist attacks areas will need to be secured and abatement must occur. But how can you be sure you have fully removed the biological weapons, nuclear radiation, pollution or bio-hazards? And just because you cleaned it once how can you still be sure there are not additional issues.Sometimes the cleaning solutions you have may kill one hazard and combine with another, further you have to completely remove the solutions used from the scene so they do not seep into the ground water and separate out again at a later date. Frequency waves can be used to kill certain biological contaminants, which are organic based, but what about inorganic compounds, which can play hell with the human bio-system? If we fail to exercise proper judgment when dealing with these issues in the present period, we will look back in future periods and ask ourselves what were we thinking?.

Also what do we do if international terrorists take advantage of a natural disaster problem and then use chemical warfare material or a biological weapon in a double whammy scenario? In this case we will need to have seriously well thought out and comprehensive first responder protocols along a super plan for abatement and a progressive cleaning programs to prevent future deaths. Consider all this in 2006.

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