Top Ten Things to Know About US Navy SEALs

Navy SEALs; these two words conjure up images of hardy, supremely accomplished, no-nonsense men, who are an integral part of the security set up of the armed forces of the United States of America. People have seen their pictures, read about them, and have also seen them in action on their TV Screens. Everyone knows what they are capable of and the Navy SEALs fitness, Navy SEAL endurance, and a host of other characteristics are the stuff, legends are made of.

A Part of the Special Operations Forces Each branch of the military has its own special brand of assault teams that have the capability to operate in any and every situation, and can perform the most difficult tasks with aplomb. The Name SEAL is an acronym for Sea, Air and Land, the terrains that they operate on. The Ethics of the SEALs The ethics of this group of individuals is woven around a strict, honor bound code that places the loyalty, to their Country, the Team, and their teammates above all else. The Navy SEALs code talks about training for war, fighting to win, and defeating the nation's enemies. SEAL Doctrine It is this creed, which makes them what they are.

The doctrine describes the kind of qualities and objectives that these band of warriors must have. The Navy SEAL doctrine talks about honor not only on the battlefield but off it as well. Operational Areas Navy SEALs operational capabilities are geared to suit all kinds of terrain, including, deserts, the arctic, woodlands, jungles, mountains, and the sea. These guys are ready for anything and everything. Becoming One of the SEALs You can enter the training process voluntarily. Anyone, meeting a specific set of criteria can volunteer and enlisted men and officers will train shoulder to shoulder.

Conducting an Operation One of the key features of Navy SEALs operations is that they usually work in small units. Very often they work in groups of two odd men, but the number can increase up to 16, which constitutes a platoon. Unconventional Warfare They are used in fighting a guerilla war, wherein they operate in the forms of small mobile units and perform activities like, enemy supplies destruction, diversion creation, and creating ambush, "hit and run" operations etc. Direct Action The intensive Navy SEAL training makes them a great choice for targeting an enemy on a direct basis. This can mean land assaults as well as water based assaults, hostage rescue etc.

Counter Terrorism In a world, constantly threatened by terrorist activities, a Navy SEAL works indefatigably against terrorist organizations and in the prevention of terrorist acts. These are just some of the facets of a Navy SEAL and it's difficult to list down all of them. It would take a very long time for one to be well versed with the concept of this brand of soldiering and what they stand for.

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