Health Savings Accounts Put You in Control of Your Healthcare - Proponents of a "single-payer" healthcare system are ignoring what is going on in Canada and England.

Leadership Quotes for Presidents Day - Looking for some great leadership quotes? Here are 15 of my favorites by US Presidents as we celebrate President's Day.

Europe And NATO Are Making Defense Efforts For Security Strategies - This article is about focusing on ways to effectively strengthen European defense efforts and that fresh initiative be made to debate security strategies openly within NATO.

New Weapons For The US Military - This article tells you that the US Military is not giving the troops new weapons which they may need.

They Thirst for Water and Justice - Those who support justice -or even simply the enforcement of basic international humanitarian law - must go beyond raising awareness of the issue to directly confronting those whose acquiescence facilitates current repressive attitudes.

You Can Will Become Everything You Want Part of - A 2 PART article which illustrates the importance of the development of Wisdom - may sound boring stuff - but not so I assure you.

Iraq Strategic Options - The continuing failure of US and UK policy to stablise and pacify Iraq has led to a review of current operations and an evaluation of strategic options.

Big Changes in Pension Plans but Long Term Care Untouched - There are big changes coming to retirement plans.

Mayor Bloomberg says Shooting Unacceptable - Mayor Bloomberg's words are the ones that are "UNACCEPTABLE".

Is a Worldwide Common Language just over the Horizon - An official common language for the world - one that would be spoken by virtually everyone virtually ever where on the planet ? would appear to be a utopian dream.

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