Voglio segnalare il sito di Gianni Moscherini, sindaco di Civitavecchia. Troverete comunicati, news, programma e gallerie fotografiche. Novitą dal comune di Civitavecchia, Roma. Il primo porto dell'altolazio. Http://www.moscherinisindaco.

it I would like to indicate Gianni Moscherini's site, the personal site of the Mayor of Civitavecchia, Rome. Nesw from Civitavecchia and more.


Iraq War

Whats the Fuss About - A few days ago I watched an interesting debate on CSPAN on the US-India Civilian Nuclear Cooperation programme.

China Rises Think Again - Multi-polaristic lateralists are tripping over each other like Inspector Clouseau and salivating at the mouth Cujo style in the hope that China will challenge American hegemony.

American Morality A Glimmer of Hope on the Horizon - Has the United States lost it?s basic principle of morality? Has the United States moved away from the guiding principles that this country was founded on? A single paragraph describes these basic principles and it is the meaning of this paragra.

He Will Confirm A Covenant With the Many The US Israel Strategic Alliance Part II - DRIVING THE U.

Since When is It Okay to Lie to the United States Congress - Since when is it okay to purport and misrepresent truth to the United States Congress? Recently the Federal Trade Commissions Consumer Protection Division's Anti-SPAM Group put forth a report claiming SPAM was on the decline by 9%.