Its A Little Late Mr Chertoff - Jerry Seper, of The Washington Times writes in Chertoff says illegal migration 'threat',the following excerpt:.

Its a Corrupted Corrupted Corrupted World - As everything else in the Science of Economics, corruption has a very well defined function.

Border Security and Illegal Immigration May Divide the Democratic Party - It is feared that the Illegal Immigration issue may divide the Democratic Party in the upcoming 2008 Election, as it seems the ultra-left and often referred to, as the ?bleeding heart? liberals believe in an open door policy and to help all the po.

Vice President - Christians are quite aware they are commanded to "avoid the appearance of evil.

Palestinians Do Not Have Enough Money for Weapons - Imagine how I felt to read this; Palestinians do not have enough money for weapons; on a popular political Internet Blog.

In God We Trust or Novus Ordo Seclorum - Recently, a controversy has been stirred over the words, "In God We Trust," on the American currency.

Heading For a European Constitution - When you observe the political developments in Spain, it is hard to imagine a Europe beyond the current European Union.

Rand Institute and Preemption Policies Using Nuclear Derrents - Before the beginning of the Afghanistan War the Rand Institute put forth several studies and advised that a nuclear pre-emption would be the best bet to solve the problems of Middle Eastern International Terrorism.

Read this Article if You are Upset at High Fuel Prices - Are you upset with the high fuel prices? You are obviously not alone, as it seems many people are quite enraged over the whole thing.

Wanted And It Had Better Be Alive - Pakistan did the USA a favor recently .

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