Could You Answer Some Questions

I have a few questions I need for you to answer for me Senator Obama. Some things that just don't seem right to me - so I thought I would just write and ask. First, what did you promise Gov Richardson in return for his endorsement? As we both know, Gov. If it were not for the Clintons, Richardson would not be in the position he is now.

He held two prominent positions in the Clinton administration and the ex-president campaigned for the Gov. when he first ran for the governorship of New Mexico. So, my question is what did you promise Gov. Richardson in exchange for his endorsement? Some political deal must have been made.

Did you offer him the Vice Presidential position in your administration? It must have been something great for Richardson to stab both of the Clintons in the back. As time goes by, you are showing me more and more that you are just a typical politician and not a person who could be a leading statesman for our party. My second question is why are you standing in the way of a re-do of the Florida and Michigan primaries. Senator Clinton has raised all the money to pay for these primaries so it would cost you nothing - so what are you afraid of? Is it that she might overcome your delegate lead or popular vote lead? Both you and I know she already owns the vote in the Electoral College.

By disenfranchising 3 million democratic voters, this will call into question the legitimacy of your nomination if you win. In 2000, the courts decided with Bush v Gore that Bush won the election. Do you want your whole first term to be seen as stolen from Senator Clinton and you are not the legitimate president? That could happen without the votes in Florida and Michigan being counted. It could even cause the Republican candidate to win the election. Is this what you want Senator Obama - a loss for your party.

Do you want to be president that badly that you would screw your party and 3 million democratic voters in order to become president? What are you really afraid of? You are only 45; you have years left to run for this office so why can't you wait 4 to 8 years? You are running from something - what is it Senator. Is it the Drudge report I found buried deep in the archives where no one knows it is? What are you afraid of Senator Obama? The American people deserve to know and if you don't answer these questions, you will be seen as just another political hack and I for one will not be able to support you. And I will continue to write articles and post them all over the internet until you are honest with the America people.

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