Reasons Why People are Anti Bush

George Bush has been one of the most controversial political figures of all time. He is the eldest son of the former president of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush, and is currently serving his second term in office. Bush won the election in 2000 in a controversial turn of events which seen him lose the popular vote but win the electoral vote. Here's a list of reasons why people hate George Bush: 1. Before the September 11 attacks, George Bush is alleged to have given $43 million to the Taliban so that US oil companies could get access to their supplies. 2.

He supports the Patriot Act which, some claim, provokes fear and promotes patriotism as a means of making Americans give up their constitutional rights. 3. Bush pulled America out of a global warming treaty, and has shown a lack of regard for any issues that relate to global warming.

4. Bush has cut tax by $2 trillion. Sounds great? 43% of this goes to the wealthiest 1%. Some say that the pursuit of the American dream makes people back these policies.

Others say that it is underhand and done by Bush as a favour to friends and a way to gain support from the nation's most powerful people. 5. Bush has appointed right wing federal judges which are there to save his political aims say some. 6.

Bush halted international talks on biological and chemical weapons. Since doing this they have became more significant, especially with fears as to what role they will play in terrorist attacks. 7. Bush refused to testify under oath to the 9/11 commission.

To some, especially considering his religious stance, this appeared as though he had something to hide. 8. After the United Nations was not willing to support the War in Iraq, Bush went ahead with it anyway. This was Bush going against his word, and also a sign that he was only willing to work as a team when everyone does what he says, according to some critics.

9. Bush promised $15 billion for Africa however left it out of his budget. Some people have raised claims as to whether or not Bush wants Africa to "get better". At the moment America is in competition with China, which has a massive trade surplus.

Is it not likely that Africa, too, would have a healthy trade surplus if it gains economic momentum? 10. Bush cut billions from the Veterans Administration Budget. Some say that this is a sign that Bush is willing to work his soldiers much harder than they have ever worked before but that they should not be paid fairly for it. 11. Bush cut funding for finding renewable energy sources by 50%. Some critics point out that he has many friends and interests in oil companies.

12. Bush has long been said to not support women as much as he should. Some say this case was strengthened when he opted to close the White House Office for Women's Health Initiative and Outreach .

13. Bush has refused to release federal funding for stem cell research.

Nick Carter is a veteran who had served the US Marines. He have written articles on Vietnam war and against the wars forced by Americans. He is a great admirer of Bob Miller, America's most controversial writer and author of Kill Me If You Can, You SOB.

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