Do Guardian Angels Exist

Guardian angels are a controversial topic, and opinion on whether or not they exist is very much divided. On one hand, there are those that reject the claims of anything spiritual and suggest that there is no logical possibility of some divine body protecting and guarding individuals from harm, while the opposing side swear from personal experience and anecdotal evidence that there is without a doubt some third party protector who has intervened in their lives or altered their path dramatically. Either way, establishing the presence of guardian angels is no easy task. Proving categorically whether or not guardian angels exist is impossible, because proving faith at any level is impossible; it isn't called 'faith' for nothing.

However, by working with arguments from both sides of the fence, it may be possible to hypothesize more accurately the status of the guardian angel and whether it is feasible that angels may exist and have the ability to impact our lives. The anti-spiritual camp tends to approach guardian angels and the concept of faith generally with the same disdain. They suggest that the concept of the guardian angel seems anomalous with other aspects of the Christian faith, such as that all men are created equal ? why then should only some be able to avail themselves of this divine protection? Another common suggestion is that the concept of guardian angels derives from the Bible, which it says is a less than authoritative text on a logic and facts-based point of view, with only the written word to prove or disprove their existence. The account of things on the spiritual side is less conclusive and coherent than their non-believing counterparts. But that's not without good reason. The experience of a guardian angel is one that is truly personal; so it is more important to gather evidence and accounts from those claiming to have had such experiences.

Interestingly those who do claim to have come into contact with guardian angels seem to come from a broad cross-section of society, and they tend to have very little in common with their contemporaries other than their spiritual experience. In fact, some of those having experienced guardian angels were themselves previously sceptical about their existence and disputed the role of spirituality and religion. For either side of the guardian angel debate, the other's reasoning is hard to follow and abhorrent to their respective belief systems. Whether or not guardian angels exist, it seems the only way to join the believers' side is to experience it first hand, through the testimony of someone close to you who experienced a guardian angel, or the intervention of some holy body in the way you live you life. What is apparent is that whether or not you believe in guardian angels, there will never and can never be any definitive proof on either side as to their existence and their role in faith and our day-to-day lives.

Bob Miller, one of the controversial writers of America about anti-War is an awarded pilot during the period of Vietnam War. Knowing that War is good for nothing, BoMiller writes about the importance of stopping War in the websites www.serveyournation.com , www.kill-me-if-you-can.com , and www.angelzabar.com. Born in Florence, he competed for a seat in U.S. Senate in 1992.

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